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MasterChef audience favourite Dani Venn made a big splash on our screens in 2011.

The MasterChef judges were impressed with her knowledge of Asian flavours, skill in the kitchen and her enthusiastic and relentless energy. Her popularity saw her invited back to be a part of the first MasterChef All Stars series in 2012, where Dani again won several challenges.

Dani has such an infectious personality. Her laugh lit up the MasterChef kitchen”- Matt Preston

Dani stays in touch with fans and food lovers through her food blog http://www.danivenn.com.

Dani performs cooking demonstrations and MC’s events all over Australia, and is always a popular choice for corporate events, clients include Coles Supermarkets, Intrepid Travel and Bunnings. Her bright personality, engaging stories and delicious recipes and cooking demonstrations win over audiences and organisers alike. Dani has also provided specialist insider wrap up videos for Coles online during the 2013 season of Masterchef Australia, as well as regularly providing recipes and video tips for download on the Coles website.

Dani’s love of food and cooking came from watching her Mum work the wok to create delicious meals for the family. Chinese food has influenced Dani’s style, as her ancestors were some of the first Chinese settlers to come to Australia.

After she finished high school, Dani spent seven months voluntarily teaching English in Vietnam. She discovered street food, ate as much as she possibly could, and experienced an amazing and intriguing way of living. Dani is an inquisitive and regular traveller, particularly across her favourite regions of South East Asia and the Indian subcontinent, which goes on to inform her work. Though well known for her Asian food, Dani is also a keen baker.

Dani believes in working hard to make her dreams become a reality, and her infectious personality and down to earth likability, will have you believing the same.



One thought on “Dani Venn

  1. I saw you today making a spicy fish soup from home made fish stock, thought it looked fantastic, however I cannot find the recipe, if you can tell me where I can I w ould be very grateful, good show, do you have a cook book out,

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